Training Ride Volunteer Descriptions


1.     Ride Coordinator: Manage the volunteer list (which will be sent to you),
communicate with the volunteers,
be available on the day of the ride.
Pick up ice - distribute to Rest Stop Workers


2.     SAG Dispatch: Remain available for calls from ride start to finish.  Can take calls from home.
Serve as the "dispatcher" for SAG calls.
Provided phone number to Ride Planner for SAG call forwarding 

3.     Ride Planner: Plan the route/confirm the route for the ride, including rest stops.

Ride/drive the route to be sure that there are no "surprises' (like construction, deteriorating road, etc.

Provide the route map and the map to the start Area (2 weeks before ride) to Josh Lowry (administrator@emcycling.com)

Provide map copies for riders. 


4.     Ride Planning Assistant (RPA): Help Ride Planner with route specific details,
help making arrangements with local authorities, rest stop managers, and start/finish location.


5.     SAG Driver: Drive a Support and Gear vehicle for assisting cyclists who need help along the route
Need vehicle with bike carrier and at least 3 available seats


6.     Gofer: Pick up team equipment from storage, deliver to start location, and/or return equipment to storage
storage locker is near the intersection of I-45 North and the Beltway
specific instructions including a key to the locker will be sent
Coordinate with Route Marker for handoff/return of the route signage.
Need large SUV or Truck


7.     Rest Stop / Start Lead: Serve as the lead for set up and activities at a Rest Stop or the Start/Finish.

Purchase additional items as needed (e.g., ice, consumables - will be reimbursed)

Start Lead manages sign in sheet.

8.   Rest Stop Worker: Assist with set up , support and break down activities at Start/Finish area or Rest Stops