emCycling Registration Waiver Content

For Club members under 18, this waiver must be signed by his/her parent or legal guardian. Also note that riders under 18 must be accompanied by an adult (21 or older) on all rides.

By signing below, I acknowledge that I understand its intent, and I for myself, my heirs, executors, administrators and representatives, do hereby agree to release and hold harmless the ExxonMobil Cycling Club, cooperating organizations, and any other parties connected in any way with the events, together with their respected successor and assigns (the Sponsors), singly and collectively from and against any liability for any injury, harm, loss, inconvenience, or any other damage of any kind whatsoever, which may result from or be connected in any way with my participation in ExxonMobil Cycling Club activities.

In addition, I hereby represent that I am physically capable of participating in these events, that my bicycle and any other equipment I may use to participate in these events are in working and safe condition, that I will observe all applicable traffic and event rules, that I will wear a helmet and that I will generally conduct myself in a safe and prudent manner while participating in these events. I hereby absolve and hold harmless the Sponsors from any damage I may sustain because of any breach of these representations.

I hereby consent to and permit emergency treatment in the event of injury or illness while participating in these events. I also hereby give permission to the ExxonMobil Cycling Club to use my name and any pictures/video taken of me during these events in any promotional materials, publications, or on the internet.

I understand that should I ride the MS 150 with the ExxonMobil Cycling Club and start from a location that is not managed by the MS Society that I am starting from an unofficial starting location. By signing this waiver, I agree to hold harmless the Texas Department of Transportation from and against any liability for any injury, harm, loss or any other damage of any kind.

I certify that I have read this waiver and release and understand its significance.